Monday, February 12, 2007

Science and Myth

So my big old project is complete, and life is returning back to normal. The world is looking at my baby, and generally the feedback is good. I'm sort of taking this week off. Its the kids half term, and though I have one day in the office, mostly I'm taking it off (LL couldn't get the week off, so we're staying at home) to catch up on a bit of time with them. I'll blog intermitently, but mostly I'll be with my kids.

A nice social weekend, some friends dropped by for a cup of tea on Saturday, then Sunday we had a family we hadn't seen in a while over. Very nice indeed. I did the boys beoef bourgenoine, and a pear frangipane.

A side line is I get to do a bit more reading than normal. Came across this article on global warming that I quite liked. Its radical and pushes back at the current accepted thinking which I like. Is global warming really global warming, or is it something else?

The truth is we just don't know. People keep talking about England becoming balmy and tropical, but the truth could be completely different. Due to ice sheet melting in the Artic, the North Atlantic Drift may shut down putting Europe into an ice age. There's good evidence this MAY happen, contrary to what the Global Warming pundits claim.

So, the quest for truth goes on. We shall just have to see what happens in the next 20 years. Just remember, it may not be what you think.


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