Friday, March 24, 2006

Control (Part 2)

I close the door to our bedroom and gently lock it. The key stays in the door, of course. Its to keep small kiddies out, not her in. A few quiet steps, a softly open drawer, and I take out a few small things. Turning to the door, I see her. She’s standing in front of the mirror, towel round her body. Her hands have another towel tangled up in her hair.

I walk up quietly, then reach for a wrist, and gently pull it down behind her back. As I bend over her and gently nibble her neck, my hands wrap a soft leather cuff around one wrist.

“Mmm, are we going to play?” Saying nothing I take her other hand and cuff it as well, then slip a set of eye blinds over her head. It focuses the other senses to loose one of them. Not being able to see is that double up of heightening sensuality, while at the same time putting her in an even more subservient position.

For a moment I just kiss her neck, nibble her ears. Her breathing deepens appropriately. With a yank then I pull off her towel and reach around to cup her breasts, roughly rolling her nipples between my fingers. After a moment I slide a hand down her body and press on her belly. She loves that, somehow the preasure of a hand holding her back against me is a turn on. It also presses her against my clothed body, highlighting the difference in our state of dress. For the moment she’s mine, vulnerable and helpless.

I pull away, and watch her head turn, blindly trying to find me. Taking a shoulder I guide her into out room and put hands to shoulders to drop her to her knees in our silk rug. Now, LL isn’t keen on felatio. Not that she’s unwilling, there’s very little she won’t do, just that its not her favourite thing. However, put her in this situation, give her no choice, demand it with no chance of denial, and she’s a different woman. She goes from “Is that OK dear, what next…” to a hungry she beast.

On her knees she immediately starts nuzzling my crotch as I unzip and pull myself out. Her lips immediately wrap around my shaft, her tongue darts against my balls. I run my fingers through her hair, tangle them in her straight dark locks. With enough force to tingle, but not enough to hurt I pull her head back, point myself at her open lips and slide in.

I love gliding against the inside of her cheek, her tongue putting preasure on the underside of my shaft. With my foreskin pulled back its almost a painfully intense pleasure, and makes my eyelids flutter. I can go like that for a long, long time.

But I want more, that’s not the end game. Pulling out I lift her up and drop her onto her knees on the bed, sideways to me. Quickly feeding my cock back into her hungry mouth I grab a small vibrator and with fingers and cold metal seek out her other lips. I tease her, give her a little, pull away, a little more, pull away. There’s no entry, not yet, I want her to beg. I don’t mean pretend, “Oh yes please, do me, do me…” I want her almost incoherent with need.

It doesn’t take long.

We’re both ready now, so I flip her on her back, lift her feet to my chest, and with a quick aim plunge in. God she’s wet, I have to lift her up, hands on her ass to change the angle. Her head is thrashing around, her body heaving with each hard thrust. There’s no room for stamina or holding out now, I ride her hard and fast, feeling it build up inside me until I explode and hear that almost painful laugh or her own orgasm wrack her lungs.


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